Letters: Well done to Healy Rae for coming to aid of rural folk

Councillor Danny Healy Rae
Councillor Danny Healy Rae

A chara, I laud the Healy-Rae efforts to come to the aid of lonely, severely-isolated country folk and I applaud the genuine concern and understanding for rural communities, so cut-off now from their local contact and comradeship that the local pub provided.

Those who implement these severe laws know little of the isolation and depression of rural folk who are deprived of the weekly chat and conviviality that existed in the 'local' over a pint or two, in the good old days. What is left for the individual now, living alone at the end of a boithrín and waiting each night for the door to be kicked in by some merciless intruder who now has no fear of an apprehending Garda for several miles around.

Do not scorn Healy-Rae and his supporters, I commend their pluck and I think that they are showing true concern and a driving fear that more suicides will result from these senseless, heartless measures. As for the powers behind the Garda station closures, it sickens and totally amazes me that they cannot see the rural wilderness and ghost-towns and villages that their 'cut-back' strategy has heaped on this small Island of ours. I just cannot look at Minister Shatter let loose a perfectly phrazed flow of 'gibrish/elocution' to seemingly justify the decision to nail up Garda station doors 24 hours after the funeral of our brave Garda Adrian Donohue.

The vast majority are so fearful of what further misery and heartless law reform this current Government will inflict on an already over-burdened and rather depressed people.

Mise le meas,

Eilís Uí Bhriain,

Caisleán Uí Liatháin,

Co. Chorcaí.


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