Letters: Propery tax too much of a burden

Sir, I wonder how the government can be so foolish as to impose a property tax on households at a time when the ordinary working people and the thousands of married unemployed are just about surviving.

Those who have jobs are now working for less than the earned in the boom times and the cost of electricity, fuel and, most of all, food has gone through the roof.Every day a person wakes up is full of worry and stress over how to make ends meet, let alone pay a property tax that will push many household items on to a long list of debts.

The property tax is most unfair to those living in pre-1930s and 1940s housing estates. These people paid weekly rent all their lives and bought their homes through a payment scheme. Now they will have to fork out for this new charge on homes that have been paid for ten times over. That is not fairness.

If the government had any sense they would do more to help these ordinary people, not the yuppie gangs like those now protesting in the streets over the Croke Park Agreement.


Tommy Conroy,

O'Rahilly's Villas,



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