Give cancer sufferers better care

Sir, A few points re: chemotherapy unit of Kerry General Hospital in The Kerryman [Your Health, February 22] article last week.

Patients are notified to attend for their chemo at 9.30am, the unit door is closed to them until 9.50 to 10.10am. Patients are left waiting in a small area outside the unit with only a few chairs, some sick people have to stand in corridor.

As the entrance to the unit is from back of hospital and patients have to arrive early to get parking where is the money going from main car park that it cannot be used to create a decent parking place at rear.

Patients get car passes, but parking is atrocious with no space and they have to park on grassy mud. Why can't part of the field of weeds be converted into a decent car park for cancer victims receiving chemotherapy?

It states in the article that patients are educated on the side effects of chemo, some patients get very frightened when told they will lose their hair. They are informed it is their choice and that they don't have to take the preferred choice, if they like to keep their hair. The approach should be to have the preferred chemo and they should be encouraged to take it.

Finally, the article gives the impression that the consultant from CUH sees patients in the oncology/chemo unit. All the cancer clinics are held in the Pallative Care Unit and it is here that he sees patients.

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