Drop 'The Fat Mile' and give Bracker his due regard

Sir, Austin Stacks GAA Club, The Rock, Tralee has produced many heroes during its illustrious history. One of the finest was the charismatic Martin 'Bracker' O Regan whose brilliance on the football field was matched only by his modesty and humility.

Tralee Town Council generously acknowledged Martin's outstanding contribution to the sporting life of Tralee and Kerry by naming the road linking Monavalley and Mounthawk in the north west of the town in his honour.

Bracker O'Regan Road is very popular with walkers, runners, joggers and cyclists. In fact, because of its spacious design, invigorating fresh air and panoramic nocturnal vista of the town below, Bracker O'Regan Road has inspired many people, who perhaps were a little bit out of shape, to take up regular exercise.

For that reason Bracker O'Regan Road acquired the humorous sobriquet of 'The Fat Mile'. The good natured self-depreciatory moniker was understandable and even amusing initially. Now that those of us who regularly exercise on the road have achieved an acceptable level of aerobic fitness, it's time to dispense forever with the term 'The Fat Mile'. It would be a pity if the honour bestowed on Martin 'Bracker' O'Regan was to be undermined by an accidental misnomer.

So, as an inveterate and proud Rockie, my new year's resolution is to refer to the road only by its officially designated title, namely Bracker O'Regan Road. I am requesting the motorists, cyclists, runners, joggers and walkers who traverse Bracker O'Regan Road to join me in that resolution and to keep a good thought for the man after whom the road is named.

Martin 'Bracker' O Regan was a perfect gentleman, a supreme sports man and a rare auld stock of the Rock. He has earned his right to immortality.


Billy Ryle,




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