Are we too chicken to stand up to austerity?

Letters to the Editor

Sir, In order to avail of the insolvency service, it seems people are to be asked to give up their private health insurance and second cars and cut their living expenses. That could be a death sentence to some people - medical cards are good but you could be dead before you get called for treatment. A lot of people need a second car to get to work. If it was not so serious, the amount people are expected to live on would be laughable.

Why is there no accountability from people who caused these debt problems in the firest place? There have been no criminal charges. The banks got bailed out and they are now trying to evict people from their homes. As for bonuses, my understanding is that you gave bonuses to people who did a good job, not to people who caused hardship to citizens who worked hard all their lives expecting to be able to live off their pensions and savings.

If we sit back and take this we are all chicken. What can we do?


Mary Devane Wilson,

Main St,