Are we becoming the pothole capital of Europe?

I got a call on Friday to tell me to find out "What in the name of God is going on with all the potholes in different parts of the town."

I must admit that the call went completely out of my head until I hit one of the said potholes at the corner of Pound Road today (Monday). I was driving around the corner and got the smack as I was watching out for traffic coming in the Tralee Road.

That corner is gone to the bad lately and at least a half dozen recent attempts by the council to rectify it have failed so far.

My caller also mentioned the rapidly deteriorating state of the surface of Church Street. A few short years ago that had a brand new, shiny surface applied to it and all the residents were delighted with it. Now they're back to where they were before. It really is going downhill fast. Is there anyone who can tell us why?


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