Anglo the name is gone, not the debt

Sir, It seems the thinking behind the Government decision to liquidate the IRBC was that if we do not hear the name Anglo, think about the name Anglo or talk about the name Anglo then perhaps we may forget that it ever existed. Of course the debt that it owes still remains.

They talk of the deal made to help us pay back our debt, not by reducing the amount of course but by extending the time allowed to pay it. So instead of being in the poor house for 10 years we shall remain there for 40 years. Indeed we could be there forever and a day.

Fortunately for us we will not be around that long, unfortunately those coming after us will be saddled with a debt that neither they nor we had anything to do with.

God Almighty, that ball and chain seems suddenly to have gotten a bit heavier somehow.


Michael O'Meara ,




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