Abortion issue leaves Ireland on edge of abyss

Letters to the Editor

Sir, With sincere respect, I think that Cllr Michael Gleeson's well-intentioned letter (The Kerryman, May 29) regarding the proposed legalisation of abortion fails to capture the gravity of the situation.

As stated, the whole argument hinges on what is in the womb - is it some non entity or a preborn baby? Science, our Christian heritage, and our innate instincts vote for the latter option. Even the term 'foetus' is a Latin expression meaning 'little one'.

Abortion was legalised in Britain - ostensibly on mental health grounds - back in 1968. Since then more than 7.5 million preborn babies have perished. The number of Irish preborn babies who have perished in this time amounts to about 168,000.

Where do you draw the line after deciding that a certain class of preborn baby can be terminated? In Britain abortion is available on demand (virtually) until the 24th week and after that up til birth for reasons such as suspected handicap e.g. cleft palate and club foot.

Mother Teresa once said that the true measure of a society is how it looks after its poorest and most vulnerable members. If the primary human right is the right to life, then Ireland is now perched on an abyss as it contemplates the legalisation of abortion.


Morty O'Shea,





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