A terrible let-down to see our President signing the Water Bill 

Sir, Two years ago at Listowel Writers week I had the pleasure of listening to President Michael D. O Higgins' speech opening what, to me, is the most wonderful week of the year. He spoke for over an hour and the eloquence of his voice I will remember always. No stutter, stammer or delay during this wonderful oration. The words flew of his lips like liquid gold and at this particular gathering where words mean everything it was a wonderful beginning to the week.

Sad that tragic cases are used to propose legalising abortion 

On St Stephens Day the High Court ruled that doctors may cease life support treatments for a pregnant woman who was declared clinically dead a few weeks ago. I don't think anyone could help but feel for her family and sympathise with them in their terribly sad loss, and particularly during their ordeal for the past few weeks while the medical and legal people deliberated over her situation. Following the High Court ruling, at least some closure has come for the family, and they can finally grieve their loss.