Debate on same-sex marriage is notable for its shallowness 

Sir, I was struck by the statement of Cllr Michael Gleeson (The Kerryman letters, April 8) regarding a notice of motion that came before Kerry County Council some months before, calling on the members to vote in support of same sex marriage. The motion was passed by a large majority. In voting against this motion Cllr Gleeson concluded his contribution by saying: "I vote in affirmation of my deeply held belief and without antipathy to persons who think differently."

Chance for a more equal society 

Sir, As a Kerryman living in Dublin for the past 10 years, I would like to urge all eligible voters in the Kingdom to vote Yes on May 22 in the Marriage Equality Referendum. I hope that people take this opportunity to send out a very positive message of support to gay people, past present and future. This is about children, gay children, your gay children, your gay grandchildren, your gay nieces and nephews and your neighbours' children. This is our chance to make Ireland a better and equal society.

Referendum is an opportunity we should all grasp 

Sir, We are being asked to decide if gay and lesbians citizens should have the same right to marry as the rest of us. It's remarkable we've got to this point. Homosexual acts were illegal in this country up to 1993. And now, a few short decades later, the LGBT community is on the cusp of equality. In the US, slaves were freed in 1863 but it took a full century for the government to begin passing legislation that granted African-Americans actual equality. Here, criminal class to near equality, in 20 years. Remarkable.