Woman now faces 36 new forgery charges

A KILGARVAN woman accused of stealing her retired father-in-law's life savings, faces 36 new charges relating to forged cheques valued at €3,625.

Charlotte Cronin, 1 Railway Road, Kilgarvan, previously pleaded guilty to the theft of €14,000 in cash from the home of her father-in-law, Daniel Healy, 3 Railway Road, Kilgarvan, on dates between December 15, 2010, and April 1, 2011. Of this figure, €6,000 had been paid back in a lump sum.

At Friday's Kenmare District Court, Ms Cronin faced 36 further charges including 19 section four theft charges related to forged cheques and 17 charges of using cheques known or believed to be false with the intention of inducing another person to accept it as genuine.

Solicitor Pádraig O'Connell said his client had paid a further €3,000 into the court on April 15 and that a balance was due to be decided at a later court.

Requesting repayments concerning the latest charges, Judge James O'Connor said that Ms Cronin knew that a larger package was being investigated but Mr O'Connell said that he had understood that the complainant wasn't going to pursue all 36 charges.

"Certain matters are at issue - she will be proceeding on certain matters and certain matters she won't be pleading," Mr O'Connell then commented.

The solicitor added that Ms Cronin had only come out of a "certain place" last week, a reference to the defendant's depression which had previously been referred to in court.

Judge O'Connor warned that the defendant had to be careful as she was "walking a thin line"

"No loopholes are being sought, just the process of the law," the solicitor replied, adding that his client is currently in a very difficult situation. The case was then adjourned.


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