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Wave of support for embattled family


Credit: Photo by John Reidy

Credit: Photo by John Reidy


Credit: Photo by John Reidy

SEAMUS Sherlock's determind stand against an eviction order that has been served on himself and his five children has gained extraordinary support from people all acrosss the country, none more so that his neighbours in Kerry, some of whom have been by his side since the order was served 12 day ago,

They respect and admire what he is standing up for and join Mr Sherlock in the stance he is taking against the Bank of Scotland whiich, he claims, has failed to enter into satisfactory negotiations to address his outstanding debt.

Castleisland man Pat O'Leary told The Kerryman that he has known Mr Sherlock for several years and says no one would stand by and see him being evicted from his home and land.

"I've seen the work he has done [through Life after Debts] and how he has helped other people through similar troubles and, to my mind, this is an inhumane act to inflict on anyone. I don't think it's fair and I'm here with Seamus for the long haul," Mr O'Leary said. "I believe the stand he's taking is the right one and when someone is right I'll back them to the end."

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Ardfert native, James Gleasure, is also fully behind Mr Sherlock's stance and has been with him almost every day since he received the eviction order.

"Our bankers have been bailed out but here is the Bank of Scotland threatening to call to this man's house and throw him and his family out. There is no respect there and as far as I'm concerned it's bullying. I firmly believe in what Seamus is doing. It's great for the people of Ireland becasue he's saying 'enough is enough.' I have no intention of leaving here until he wins," Mr Gleasure said.

Mr Sherlock told The Kerryman that he has been overwhelmed by the support he has received from his neighbours in Kerry, from a Tralee family who dropped in bags of food before they set off on holidays to another Kerry man who brings wood for the fire that burns in a barrel throughout the night.

"The people of Kerry have been just remarkable. They are coming here, many who are on the verge of eviction too, and are 100 per cent behind what I'm doing. The support has been colossal and it means a lot to know that so many people are behind me, not only from Kerry but literally from all over the country," he said.

Between 60 and 100 people are calling to the Sherlock farm in any 24-hour period, with many camping out in tents overnight as they anticipate the arrival of the bailiffs.

One company has provided portakabins and beds while neighbours, friends and passers by are continuing to bring food for the mounting numbers who are joining Mr Sherlock in his protest on a daily basis.

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