'Was he trying to draw attention driving 105kph in a 50kph zone?'

A District Court judge asked if a defendant had been 'trying to draw attention to himself' by driving at a speed of 105kph in a 50 zone.

Jan Zygmunt Bieszczanin, 30 Cluainín, Ballygologue, Listowel, also pleaded guilty to a charge of driving without insurance, as well as of speeding, before Judge David Waters at Listowel District Court on Thursday.

The charges arose from when he was stopped at a checkpoint at Kilcarra More, Duagh, on February 12 last. "He is without insurance, so he decides to drive at 105 kph in a 50 zone to draw attention to himself?" Judge Waters quizzed.

Solicitor Pat Enright explained that his client had been labouring under the false assumption that he was insured at the time. In fact, he would have been insured in full just two-and-a-half hours after he was stopped, under his arrangement with an insurance company.

Mr Enright said that his client - who has a clean record - 'absolutely' needs his car for work as Judge David Waters exercised his discretion not to disqualify him from driving; fining him €250 for the charge of driving without insurance and €200 for the charge of speeding at Kilcarra More.