Warmest February on record in the Kingdom

February was hotter in Kerry than anywhere else, with Valentia Observatory recording the highest average mean temperature for the month in Ireland at 9.2 degrees - fully two degrees above the long-term average for February.

It was also the warmest February recorded at Valentia since 1893, when records began, with the station logging a record February daily max of 17.2 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, February 26 last.

The highest national daily max temperature ever recorded for February remains that of 1893, when 18.1 degrees was logged at the Phoenix Park.

It also proved one of the wetter Februarys on record at Valentia, where a monthly rainfall of 149.8mm was observed - 121 per cent of the normal long-term average figure.

It was slightly cooler in North Kerry, meanwhile, with the official Met Éireann station at Liscahane Nursery and Garden Centre recording its highest daily max for the month on Monday, February 25, of 16.6 degrees Celsius, likely the highest February temperature there since Liscahane first began recording 40 years ago, owner Don Nolan told The Kerryman.

"The exceptional temperatures were recorded in the last week of the month," Mr Nolan said.

"We have had 13 drier Februarys in the last 40 years here, and we probably had a nicer February in 2012. It was almost as warm as 2019, but we didn't have the wind then and it was much drier."

Mr Nolan said the month was also notable for the fact that silage was actually cut and baled at a number of locations.

"Silage was cut and baled in Cahersiveen and Dingle, something I don't believe has ever before happened so early in the year, in exceptional circumstances facilitated by a dry January, leading to dry ground for this time of year."

The average daily max for February was very high at 12.4 degrees, with its average daily mean temperature also very high and just shy of that logged in Valentia. Liscahane recorded an average daily mean of 9 degrees; with 9.2 degrees recorded at the South Kerry station.