Vandals undoing Tidy Towns good work as graffiti becoming an increasing problem

The Graffiti the keeps appearing around Denny Lane and The Square
The Graffiti the keeps appearing around Denny Lane and The Square

IT is such a shame to see all the hard work of the volunteers who are doing their utmost to keep the streets of Tralee tidy and clean undone by unthinking vandals.

Graffiti is an issue in every town but thankfully Tralee has been kept largely clear of it in recent years. This is thanks in no small part to the efforts of the Tidy Tralee group and the staff of Tralee Town Council.

Sadly, in the last few weeks vandals with spray paint and markers have taken to defacing the walls, street furniture and even some business windows in the town square.

These young reprobates should be absolutely ashamed of themselves and hopefully they'll be caught in the act soon and made clean up their mess. Their late night vandalism must surely have been recorded on one of the town's many CCTV cameras.

Incidentally I'm well aware that I will likely be criticised for assuming the vandals are young people. But I think it's a fair assumption. I sincerely doubt that it's middle aged men and women or pensioners that are out daubing walls and windows with unintelligible slogans in the wee small hours.

Whoever is responsible, wouldn't it be nice to see them found by gardaí and forced to answer for their actions.

Perhaps they could start by repairing all the damage they caused to businesses and to the work done by volunteers who put so much effort into keeping Tralee looking its best.

We can only hope.


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