Valentia marks an historic occasion

The Valentia community has gathered to mark the 152nd anniversary of the day the first message was successfully sent along the transatlantic cable from Heart's Content, Newfoundland, to Valentia.

The commemoration - organised by the Kerry Amateur Radio Group and the Institution of Engineering and Technology - took place at Valentia Cable Station on Friday and saw the group resend the original message to another amateur radio group at Heart's Content Cable station.

The original message was sent from Newfoundland via wired CW Morse code on July 27, 1866.

Prior to this, any messages from Europe to the US would have taken at least two weeks to cross the Atlantic by ship

The occasion also acknowledged Valentia as a potential World Heritage site due to its importance in telegraph and radio communication and its historical influence on technology.

The organisers thanked the Valentia Development Group and the Royal Hotel in Knightstown for their help in facilitating the event.