Town escapes the worst of storms and flooding

A tree felled by last week's storms in Tralee Town Park.
A tree felled by last week's storms in Tralee Town Park.

THOUGH badly affected by St Stephen's Night storms, Tralee has emerged largely unscathed from the high winds and flooding of recent days.

While Blennerville and the Tralee Ship Canal road were flooded on several occasions since last Friday, there was little damage to property in Tralee.

Hare Street at Lohercannon was closed to traffic for a time on Friday as waters from the canal spilled out onto the road but nearby houses were unaffected.

The flood-prone areas of Ballymullen and Ballinorig did encounter some very minor flooding but again the flood waters did not reach any properties and business and homes which have previously been seriously damaged by past floods escaped undamaged.

The basements of a number of older listed properties on Prince's Quay and on Stauntons Row, two streets which are historically prone to flooding, did suffer some minor damage though the majority of the buildings remained safe from harm.

Any flooding that did occur in the area was described as at the lower end of the scale.

High winds did uproot a small number of smaller trees in the town and park and blew slates from a number of houses and businesses but, by comparison with the destruction of the previous week's storm damage was relatively minor.

Meanwhile Tralee's CBS National School, which suffered serious damage in the St Stephen's Night storm that ripped the roof from a classroom, reopened on schedule on Tuesday after a week of intensive repairs to the get the school's facilities back in order.