Town business hit by huge fraud

Simon Brouder

A business in Tralee has been scammed out of tens of thousands of Euro after it fell victim to so called Invoice Redirect Fraud.

In these scams criminals send emails to businesses claiming to be one of their legitimate suppliers and asking the business to change the bank account details that the business has for the legitimate supplier to one controlled by the con artists.

The victims usually have no idea they have been robbed until they are contacted by a supplier who hasn't received payment. 

In April 2019 alone gardaí said over €2,270,000 has been stolen in this manner from businesses across the country.

While the exact details of the incident in Tralee - and who fell victim to the scam - have not been revealed it is understood to have taken place in recent weeks.

A surge in cases of the scam has prompted the Gardaí to issue a warning to businesses. "An Garda Síochána wishes to alert the public of the continuing existence of Invoice Redirect Fraud and so called CEO Fraud and urges businesses to remind employees to treat any request to change bank account details with extreme caution. Losses amounting to over €4,400,000 have been reported to Gardaí so far in 2019."