Timmy's picture perfect proposal

Mary Murphy

EVERY picture tells a story but last Friday in Killarney it did a whole lot more as Kilcummin native Timmy O'Sullivan planned a unique proposal for the love of his life, Marie Delaney.

Timmy was working for weeks behind the scenes with photographer Peter Cox who runs a gallery on High Street, Killarney, to spring the surprise on an unsuspecting Marie under the pretence they were attending the opening of a new exhibition.

A keen amateur photographer, Marie had always wanted to be involved in a gallery exhibition and she was stunned on Friday to find one of her photographs on display in the Peter Cox gallery.

But that was just the start of the surprise, alongside her picture was a plaque which read, "Marie Delaney - Open Me" and inside the message "Will you marry me?"

As she was reading the note Timmy got down on one knee behind her and offered her an engagement ring as she turned around. Of course she said yes immediately.

"It was definitely different, I wanted to do something that Marie would never forget," Timmy told The Kerryman.

"I was a little bit nervous in case something went wrong, but it all went to plan thankfully."

Marie is from Turner's Cross in Cork City and the couple met six and a half years ago when they were in college at IT, Tralee. They remain regular visitors to Kerry and Marie often pops into the gallery on High Street to admire the photographs.

"Marie has said multiple times over the years that she would love to have her own gallery show so I secretly took one of her photographs to display. I don't know what she was more surprised by, seeing her photograph on show in a gallery or the proposal," Timmy said.

"Normally she knows when I am lying but I managed to keep a straight face for just long enough," he added.

The happy couple were accompanied on the day by friends who captured the big moment on video, while gallery owner and photographer Peter was more than happy to take some souvenir pictures.

"It was a very unusual request for us but you can't really say no to that kind of thing and we were more than happy to go along with it," Peter said.

The couple are planning to get married in 2016.