Tidiest Town let down by trolleys

Dónal Nolan

People recently hauled no fewer than 18 dumped shopping trolleys from their estate in Listowel in an alarming indication of a problem one local representative said is becoming a serious nuisance for the town.

Sinn Féin Cllr Tom Barry raised the issue on Monday as he called for CCTV to combat illegal dumping and anti-social behaviour in a number of secluded laneways at the rear of the Feale Drive estate and Ballygologue Park estates in Listowel.

Speaking to The Kerryman, Cllr Barry said the shopping trolley issue was becoming a serious one in the very heart of Ireland's Tidiest Town.

"They're unsightly and they also pose a serious hazard to children playing, especially with so many off now for the summer. If a child was to get harmed playing around them who would be responsible?" he asked. 

"We've been pulling them out of the estates with a long time and one brother and sister recently told me they collected 18 shopping trolleys the other night, and brought them back to where they came from," he said.

Cllr Barry said Council officials have written to supermarkets on the issue in the past, but with the problem still ongoing queried if the Authority could have recourse to stronger measures than just letters.

He said he would be inclined to try to fine the owners of abandoned trolleys in an attempt to get companies to deal with the issue once and for all.

"For instance, some supermarkets in other parts of the country have a special sensor system that locks a trolley down as soon as it passes a certain point, something like that would prove very effective obviously," Cllr Barry said.

Meanwhile, he has insisted on the need for CCTV to patrol the problem of illegal dumping in some of the back lanes of the town centre.