Thugs smash window in anti refugee outrage

THUGS who smashed a window in a Glenbeigh take-away owned by a local family,which has leased a property to accommodate asylum seekers in the vi

Two bricks were thrown the window of Breen's take-away in the centre ofthe village in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The owners, John and Margaret Breen, are currently in England visitingMr Breen's brother who is ill. The couple's two children and their grandmotherwere in the family home across the street from the take-away when the attackoccured.

Over 300 people attended a public meeting last Thursday evening at theRoss Inn, Glenbeigh, to discuss the proposal to locate `two or three families'or 12 asylum seekers in the Breen's guesthouse, The Village House.

A number of people expressed strong opposition to the proposal and concernswere raised at the health status of the asylum seekers.

Cllr Cahill said he condemned the brick attack in the strongest termspossible.

``It's a terrible cowardly act and really disgraceful behaviour,'' he said.``I understand John and Margaret Breen are in England visiting his brotherwho is very ill. I believe no family deserves this type of victimisation.''

Cllr Cahill said he would never have expected that type of activity tohappen in Glenbeigh.

``Those responsible have done no favours for the parish,'' he said.``Glenbeigh is a popular tourist resort and obviously this will result innegative publicity. I have come across nothing like it in the area before.I am saddened and I sincerely hope it will stop at this.''

Cllr Cahill said it now looked as if asylum seekers were coming toGlenbeigh. He said, if that was the case, there was a need for commonsenseand the community should be tolerant.

``We should make the best of the situation,'' he said.

Cllr Cahill said he had received a lot of phonecalls from people who weredeeply hurt at what had happened.

Superintendent Edmond Quirke of Cahersiveen said the damage had beendiscovered at 8am on Tuesday. Supt Quirke described the incident as a`sinister development' and said he hoped there would not be a repetitionas it could only tend to heighten tensions in the area. He said Gardaí wereinvestigating the matter.

By Breda Joy