The road goes on forever



THE long wait for a new road to alleviate traffic congestion in East Kerry looks set to continue despite the public display of the proposed route from Farranfore to the outskirts of Killarney town.

It has been almost 10 years since the preferred route for the N22 Road Improvement Scheme has been chosen but, according to Kerry County Council, the new road remains a medium to long-term project.

The proposed 28km road, a stated objective of the Local Authorities' County Development Plan 2009-2015, was envisaged to alleviate traffic problems in and around Killarney town and on the heavilytrafficked Killarney to Tralee route, lessening journey times.

The new road was to commence just north of Farranfore village where the Gortatlea to Inchinaveema scheme finishes before terminating on the Killarney to Cork road at Clash.

And, though a revised plan for the road has gone on public display, a Kerry County Council spokesperson has confirmed that it could be some time before construction begins.

Kerry County Council Communications Director, Padraig Corkery, said the proposed road improvement scheme had been reviewed by independent and NRA experts, who had reappraised it, having regard to the latest technical standards and environmental guidelines.

The refinements have been made in four local road areas, including Dromore Hill, the N23 link at Farranfore, the N72 link to the existing N22 at Coolcorcoran, and Knockeenduff and Tullig Hill to Coolcaslagh.

"They took a look at the whole route on the light of new and updated guidelines and recommended that we slightly tweak the design in four areas," Padraig Corkery explained.

"What we're doing is putting those out on display for the public to have a look at. This doesn't mean that the project is nearing a start anytime soon; the timeframe is still the same, it is still a medium to long-term project. This is updating certain areas to bring it into line with new traffic design, new NRA road project guidelines."

At a Killarney Electoral Area meeting last February, it was revealed by council officials that, to date, €2.77m, which amounts to two per cent of the total cost of the project of €140m has been spent on planning and design works.

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