The 'cycling postman' finishes Valentia route

Postman Tom Lynch on his last Valentia round.
Postman Tom Lynch on his last Valentia round.

He was known in Valentia Island as the 'cycling postman', but never delivered a letter by bike.

The man in question, Tom Lynch from Dooneen in Foilmore, often cycled the Ring of Kerry and many highways and byways down through the years as a keen cyclist. However, as a postman who regularly travelled the Ring of Valentia Island and its byroads he was known in his familiar van.

Tom commenced his work as a postman in 1991 and took up a fulltime job in Valentia in May 2002. The end of the roads of the island came for him on Christmas Eve with the delivery of his last mail here on that day.

He will soon recommence as a postman in the Fermoyle postal area and Valentia Islanders would like to extend New Year and all future good wishes to the jovial and sociable Tom.