'The British want Charlie in power'

Archives - November 1982

MR. PETER BARRY, deputy leader of Fine Gael, told a rally in Tralee on Sunday that it was in the interests of Fianna Fáil that the British should become involved in Irish politics.

"It would suit the British to have Charlie Haughey in Government because they know that Fianna Fáil would do nothing to solve the Partition problem," he said.

"You must vote for Fine Gael if you want something done about a United Ireland. Fianna Fáil has done nothing but talk. Who was responsible for Sunningdale and the Common Tourism Authority?"

Mr. Barry said that even the SouthChinaPost recently carried coverage of events here in Ireland involving Mr. Haughey.

"Until Fianna Fáil clean up their act the place for them is on the Opposition benches," he said.

Jimmy Deenihan introduced as the next Fine Gael TD for North Kerry - declared he to be a total republican - a man who speaks the Irish language, plays Gaelic games but who does not believe in physical force.

He accused Fianna Fáil of using the Republican carrot for years, even though they turned their backs on Republicans in the twenties and even had them executed.

"Haugheyism will ruin this country if Fianna Fáil gets back into power," said the Finuge man.

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