'Thank you for helping deliver my baby boy'

Eugene Cronin (Currow) and Kevin O’Flaherty (Killarney) from Kenmare Ambulance Service with baby Jamie, whom they helped deliver on the side of the road
Eugene Cronin (Currow) and Kevin O’Flaherty (Killarney) from Kenmare Ambulance Service with baby Jamie, whom they helped deliver on the side of the road

Sinead Kelleher

Two Kenmare ambulance personnel have been hailed as heroes after they helped bring little Jamie into the world in the back of the ambulance on the side of the road in rural Cork last week.

Mikki Redding from Castletownbere and her partner, Brian Power, were on their way to Cork University Maternity Hospital (CUMH) when they realised their little baby was in a hurry and that they would not make reach the hospital in time. 

They immediately phoned the ambulance service, and the nearest ambulance, from Kenmare, was dispatched to the help the couple.

Eugene Cronin from Currow and Kevin O'Flaherty from Mallow and Killarney, were on duty in Kenmare when the call came in, and they headed to Glengarrif to help Mikki, never realising what was ahead. 

Though it was the two paramedics' first time delivering a baby, they took it all in their stride. 

"We are trained to stay calm. We didn't tell Mikki it was our first time doing this until after, but she was brilliant. We were just there to facilitate the birth," says Eugene. 

They met the couple at the Eccles Hotel in Glengarrif and set off for Cork immediately, but Mikki's contractions were becoming more frequent, and they knew they would not get there in time.

About 20 minutes outside Glengarrif at Cousane Gap, little Jamie arrived into the world. 

"I knew it was going to be quick, but I didn't know it would be that fast. We had only made it to Glengarrif when I knew we wouldn't make it to hospital," Mikki told The Kerryman. “They were brilliant, they kept me calm, and they didn’t show any fear at all.

"I was more comfortable in the ambulance than in the car," she added. 

Eugene, who has been with the ambulance service for just over a year; and Kevin, who has four years' service, said that their training stood to them, and they were thrilled that all went well during the delivery. 

"The baby was born at 11.59pm on October 10. We pulled into the side of the road and Brian cut the cord. Once we got them settled and all was well we headed for CUMH," said Eugene.

"We were just delighted that everything went well. We are still talking about it this week and everyone is congratulating us." 

Mikki thanked the team for their support in bringing little Jamie into world. "I want to say a huge thank to you them." 

Little Jamie is now at home in Castletownbere with his sister, Lily (2), none the wiser of his grand entrance.