Taxi licences will be able to be passed on to family members

TAXI drivers, though they will soon be banned from selling on their licences, will be able to pass on their licence to a family member in the event of their deaths.

Junior Minister Alan Kelly's new taxi bill, which is currently going through the Dail, will impose a general ban on taxi licences being sold on but Mr Kelly said he was making an exception to allow the taxi licence to be passed onto a family member – such as a son or daughter – if the taxi driver dies.

"I was written to by taxi representatives who felt it was of vital importance that where a taxi business is considered a family business – the continuation of this can be facilitated. I was happy to support such a practical approach," he said.

There are currently around 700 licenced taxis in Kerry with the majority of these based in and around Tralee and Killarney while a significant number of the licences in Kerry, possibly up to 100, are not currently in use according to previously published government figures.

At the moment, it costs €6,300 to get a new licence. But the effective cost is over €40,000 to get into the taxi business because the only new licences currently available is for expensive wheelchair accessible.

Many licences are being offered for sale through on line websites and this week on sales webite DoneDeal four Kerry Taxi licences were fro sale with their price ranging from €1,800 to €2,500.


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