Suicide awareness group's message will stick in your mind

THE Be Aware, Prevent Suicide group was set up to raise awareness of the help available to those affected by the issue of suicide and this week they proved they are sticking to their task-literally.

Group members met in Killarney for the launch of an innovative new way of getting their message across, a sticker campaign for taxis and cars.

"We had a sticker that was designed to go on the back of doors at venues like bars, nightclubs, restaurants and hotels and that went down really well. This is really an extension of that idea," Deirdre Fee Be Aware, Prevent Suicide Chairperson said.

"It was suggested at one of our meetings that a sticker with just a single number as opposed to lots of numbers would be useful when people are out and about. So that if they were in trouble or they thought someone else was in trouble there wouldn't be any confusion," she added.

For the number of be of use it had to be a manned 24 hour helpline and Console were happy to step in an allowed the group to use contact details.

The car stickers are available directly from Medical Mobility in Clash Tralee and the Cobblers, Innisfallen Mall Killarney. Any taxi drivers interested in displaying the information in their cab can contact Deirdre Fee directly on 086 2308788 and she will arrange to send it out.


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