Style File

Chanelle McInerney
Chanelle McInerney

Channelle McInerney

Age: 25.

From: Tralee.

Wearing now? Dress from Savida and bag from Shoe Rack.

How much would you spend on clothes every month? €100.

Favourite shop in Tralee? Lipsy and River Island.

Favourite item of clothing at the moment? My wedding dress.

Most expensive style purchase? Boots for €230.

Three things you could not live without? My children, family and friends.

Worst fashion mistake? Skirt under pants.

Hobbies? Walking and the gym.

Favourite pub in Tralee? Hennessy's.

Favourite restaurant in Tralee? Bella Bia.

Best dressed girl in Tralee? Christina Gray.

Best dressed boy in Tralee? John McInerney.

Best dressed celeb? Kim Kardashian.

Best bargains available in Tralee? Penneys.


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