Street brawl shuts pubs before Puck

Kevin Hughes

SEVERAL Killorglin bars closed temporarily on Thursday evening during a drunken town centre brawl between what is understood to be rival families from the Travelling community who are not from the area.

Up to 30 people were involved in the incident in The Square which sparked off early on Thursday evening, just a day before this year's four day Puck Fair.

It is understood that comments were exchanged between members of rival families resulting in a major brawl. The fight lasted for several minutes and eventually ended after those involved agreed to settle their differences. There were no arrests made and bars, which had taken the decision to close temporarily, reopened within the hour.

"It was certainly intimidating and a bit like a pressure cooker while it was happening but after it went off Puck Fair went smoother than ever," one publican stated afterwards.

Meanwhile, despite the events on Thursday, gardaí have reported a relatively incident free Puck Fair with arrest figures down on previous years.

They have also reported that a number of mobile phones were stolen in the town during the festival, believed to be part of a wider Kerry problem of phone thefts.


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