Spate of burglaries in Strand Road

TRALEE gardaí are investigating a spate of burglaries in the Strand Road area of the town since the beginning of the month.

In the last three weeks at least six homes have been burgled in the area with most of the break ins occurring in and around the normally quiet Knockmoyle housing estate.

In each of the robberies,the majority of which occurred in the early evening between 7pm and 9pm while the homeowners were out, cash, jewellry and some items of electronics were stolen.

It's believed that the burglaries are the work of the same person, a known individual who is from Tralee and has a lengthy criminal record that includes previous convictions for burglary and robbery.

It is thought that the burglar may be loitering in the area and observing homeowners' dairy routines in order to identify vulnerable houses and when they are likely to be unoccupied.

Anyone who witnesses anyone acting suspiciously in the area is encouraged to immediately contact gardaí.


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