So how do you want to pay tax next year?

THE Revenue Commissioners are currently writing to those who paid their 2013 Local Property Tax (LPT) in one lump sum or by regular cash payments to assess how they plan to pay the same tax next year.

They are asking householders to decide how they want to pay for 2014, then fill in the payment instruction either online or on paper and send it to Revenue before November 27 if doing so online, or by November 7 if doing so by paper.

Revenue will not be writing to those who paid their 2013 LPT by phased payment methods - ie direct debit or deduction at source from their salary, occupational pension or certain Government payments.

This method will simply continue to apply in 2014 and there is no need to contact Revenue if you are happy to continue to do the same. However, if you wish to change your payment method, you can do so online at via the website.


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