Sneem café in lease row

A landlord in Sneem has been ordered to give back the key to the front door of the premises known as Gossip, in the North Square in the village, to the leaseholders Joanne O'Sullivan and Nicola Duggan as part of an interim injunction granted at Tralee Circuit Civil Court on Monday.

Jerry O'Donovan was also ordered to restrain from interfering in any way with Ms O'Sullivan and Ms Duggan's occupation of the premises.

The case will be heard in full on March 5.

The court heard that the plaintiffs Ms O'Sullivan and Ms Duggan are entitled to a new lease but that there is a dispute over rent.

Mr Donovan claims that no rent was paid for four years but that this is a dispute over the amount of rent.

Mr Donovan was not in court on the day, but the court heard that it would not prejudice Mr Donovan to put an interim order in place ordering him to return the keys of the premises.