Six months' jail on theft charges

Judge David Waters said he was left with no option but to jail a Listowel man who pleaded guilty to thefts carried out while he was on bail for earlier offences.

The court also heard that Billy Heaphy, 8 Liosarda, Listowel, had failed to fully engage with the Probation Services following the last time his case had come before the Courts.

Judge Waters remarked that the report was not favourable to Mr Heaphy, demonstrating as it did that the Probation Services believed he represented a 'high-risk of re-offending'.

Mr Heaphy was before the Court on a charge of no insurance. He was put off the road for six years and fined €600 on that, after the court heard he had four previous convictions for the offence.

He meanwhile received a four-month, five-month and six-month sentence on each of three theft charges; with the sentences to run concurrently for six months.

The Court heard that the thefts were carried out while Mr Heaphy was already on bail and subject to a suspended sentence of six months from Limerick City Court on February 2 of 2017, for possession of drugs for sale and supply.

Pat Enright said his client had never been a dealer as such, however: "He would have gone and collected for himself and for friends..he is not a man who is a dealer, it is more an issue of supply'. He said said his client had suffered for some time with addiction problems and explained he was unable to comply with the directions of the Probation Services in full: "He committed to going to [a treatment centre]. He went up there but he tells me it just wasn't working out...a lot of people were continuing to take drugs and he took the decision he would fare better on his own.' The Judge remarked the outcome on Thursday might have been different had Mr Heaphy engaged in full with the service.