'Shiver me timbers it must be a New Year'



IN CASE you thought there was a major catastrophe at sea on Monday night, washing a horde of pirates ashore in Ballybunion, then fear not - there is a very reasonable explanation!

The group of 16 pirates 'shivering their timbers' around the town were just some of the brilliantly dressed guests at the annual New Year's Eve

fancy dress party at The Exchange Bar.

Now on the go for an impressive 33 years, the annual event was every bit as lively as in previous years, according to Ellie Hellard, who is continuing the tradition which began in her parents' bar all those year ago.

"It was another amazing night and we had a full house," she said. "The event is going from strength to strength, year after year and has really become a great New Year's Eve event in the town. We even have a group from Dublin who have relations in Ballybunion who now come along every year."

Joining the seafarers in The Exhange on Monday night were cowboys and Indians, a walking bunch of daffodils and Superman , who also made his by now customary appearance.

"There was such a huge mixture of costumes it was amazing," Ellie said. "As well as the shop-bought outfits which were great, others made their own costumes and put so much effort in. We just want to thank everyone once again for their continued support and for making it a fantastic night every single year."

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