Seventeen taken off Council housing list

Listowel Town Clerk David O’Brien.
Listowel Town Clerk David O’Brien.

Donal Nolan

SEVENTEEN people have been suspended from the housing list in Listowel over anti-social behaviour, but the town authority has no control over people living in houses provided in the town by Kerry County Council or other agencies.

Town Councillors heard at a meeting on Monday night that 17 people were suspended from the housing list between the start of the year and the end of last month over anti-social behaviour. Under relatively new legislation, councils can move to block people found guilty of anti-social crimes from council accommodation.

But the council has no say over people living in accommodation provided by Kerry County Council in the town, councillors heard.

Fine Gael councillor, Tim O'Leary, queried the town council's ability to police anti-social behaviour among residents of accommodation not provided by Listowel Town Council. "You have no control over them in terms of anti-social behaviour?" he asked Mr O'Brien.

"No we don't," Mr O'Brien said, adding that anti-social problems in non-town council homes are a matter for the gardaí.

The figures were released in the Listowel Housing Report for the third-quarter of the year. It also showed that a total of 173 have applied for housing in Listowel, but only 137 of these have actually qualified as housing applicants. Seventeen people were suspended from the list over anti-social behaviour and 19 applications were deferred as the council sought further information.

Town Clerk David O'Brien also said that the authority's housing stock is now nearly fully compliant with the latest standards in insulation and energy efficiency following works on homes in the town.