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Sea-side facilities are needed immediately to meet huge demand, says councillor


Received complaints: Cllr Michael Cahill

Received complaints: Cllr Michael Cahill

Received complaints: Cllr Michael Cahill

Following a very busy weekend in beaches and tourism locations across the county a Kerry county councillor has called for better facilities in such locations particular public toilets.

Complaints about the lack of facilities have been wide-spread following the busy weekend, given that any such amenities are in a poor condition or not opened.

"Kerry is the tourism capital of Ireland and yet, on the weekend gone by, a scorcher, saw toilet facilities at Inch, Rossbeigh and Cromane either closed or open but all subject to hundreds of complaints. A busier weekend, considering all circumstances, could hardly be envisaged at peak season," said Cllr Michael Cahill.

"I received numerous complaints in regard to the toilets at both Inch and Cromane being closed and in Rossbeigh's case, in regard to they getting blocked".

"Such words as shocking, appalling, disgraceful were commonly used this weekend, It is not acceptable that people can not avail of these basic facilities when they visit our popular beaches, especially our elderly, wheelchair users and pregnant women," said the Rossbeigh based councillor.

Cllr Cahill said toilet facilities should be maintained all year round and he said given the upcoming busy summer season ahead now is the time for the local authority to ensure that they provide a high standard of public amenities.

"The provision of well maintained public toilet facilities on an all year round basis at our beaches and popular public amenity spots, has to be a priority and funding for their development and upkeep must be sourced urgently."

"Furthermore, we should also have in place such basic facilities as adequate parking, toilets, changing facilities, hot and cold showers, drinking water and safe entrance/exit to and from all such locations" .

"It should be a goal of our local authority to provide full-time, all year round caretakers for all of our Blue Flag beaches," said Councillor Cahill.

Calls have also been made for bins to cleared after and for people to take home their rubbish from these public amenity locations and beaches saw dumping over the weekend, as bins filled up.


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