Schoolboy charged with sexual assault

A 15-YEAR-OLD Kerry schoolboy is accused of giving a female teacher a bear hug before dropping his hands and squeezing the alleged victim's buttocks.

The teenager appeared before a district court sitting last week on a charge of sexual assault and strict press directions were imposed by the sitting judge.

The incident is alleged to have occurred on a Kerry street on April 4, during the Easter holidays. Following evidence of arrest, charge and caution, the investigating garda said that the charge directed was sexual assault but the incident was on the lower end of the scale. The accused did not reply when charged, the garda continued.

Both parties were known to each other and it is alleged that the teacher had been making her way into a shop when the defendant approached and blocked her path before making contact.

"He put his two hands behind her in a bear hug, dropped the two hands down and squeezed her buttocks...outside her clothing," the garda said.

It was claimed that the hug was "quite strong" leaving the teacher frozen to the spot. She was uninjured, but shocked, and remained in the shop as she tried to gather herself. It is further alleged that the accused shouted "are you a virgin" as the teacher emerged and several teenagers laughed at the remark.

Accepting jurisdiction, the judge said the remark could be put down to boyish behaviour with two or three boys together.

The defendant's solicitor said the accused was on the very lower level of the intelligence arena. A probation report will now be prepard.


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