Roundabout rampage

Simon Brouder & Fergus Dennehy

Motorists and pedestrians were lucky to escape with their lives when a speeding car - with only three tyres - careened through a roundabout before ploughing into an oncoming vehicle.

Gardaí are investigating the incident which happened at the Bracker O'Regan Road roundabout shortly after 7pm on Sunday evening.

Witnesses described how the car - which was driving on just three wheels - sped east along the Bracker O'Regan Road before ploughing through the roundabout at the Killeen Road junction. When the out-of-control car passed the roundabout it clipped another car which was driven straight into the path of another car approaching from the Killeen Road. 

The speeding car fled the scene and the vehicle was found abandoned a short time later in the nearby Killeen Heights estate. Five men were seen running away from the vehicle. Gardaí - who detained one person in relation to the incident - attended the scene and the road was closed off for close to two hours.

No one was seriously injured though the drivers of the other vehicles were said to have been very shaken.

An eyewitness described what happened:  "We had just come into the estate and I heard what sounded like a helicopter."

"I noticed a car coming along the Fat Mile. He couldn't slow down because the tyre was missing off one of the wheels in the front. He wasn't able to go around it so he went over the roundabout and left a mark straight across it," said the witness.

"I got a call for work later on out the Fenit road. Out there I noticed that there were bits and pieces of a tyre and I could see a mark on the road. They must have lost the wheel a fair bit back."

"It was an awful strange occurrence for that time of evening, you don't expect that at all," the witness said.