Residents' fears over 'dangerous' junction

Tadhg Evans

Residents living just off the main Beaufort - Killorglin road are deeply concerned at the poor sight-line exiting Ardlahas Cross, which they feel poses a serious danger to motorists.

Councillor John Francis Flynn explained that motorists exiting onto the main road have a sight-line of approximately 30 metres when looking right, largely due to a forested area by the roadside.

The councillor added that the cross, which is located at an s-shaped bend, is very busy, as the turn-off from the main road leads to some 10 households and St Mary of the Angels' respite services. "There have been crashes at the location in the past," Councillor Flynn said.

"The turn-off brings you on to a cul-de-sac, but it's a very busy junction, and there are young families living down the road. "Council engineers, in fairness to them, carried out hedge-cutting, and it did improve the situation.

But it doesn't go far enough because the main problem is the forested area to the right of the junction with the main road. What was cut will, of course, grow back in the next while.

"It's dangerous for both motorists on the main road and those exiting onto the main road."

Councillor Flynn is calling on Kerry County Council to clear the wooded area for about 200 yards down from the main road to improve the sight-line.

"I'd be willing to use part of my councillor's allocation for the job, if it's needed" he said. "The land-owner in question has been very willing to help us out. It is dangerous, especially with young kids living in the area, and it's important that this work is carried out," he said.