Rescued shark victim Sally to get new prosthetic flipper

She might just be the luckiest turtle to have ever had a flipper bitten off by a shark.

With only one remaining flipper, the Loggerhead turtle drifted through the cold waters of the North Atlantic and into the hands of, first, the Lynch family of Fenit and then Kevin Flannery's expert care at Dingle Ocean World.

'Sally' as she was named by Jonathan Lynch and family after they found her trying desperately to warm herself in shallow waters in Barrow is now set for another great stroke (of luck) with a new prosthetic flipper a Cork-based firm is to create using 3-D printing.

"It's great news for Sally now after all she's been through with the Striker company answering our call this week to say they think they can create a polymer/titanium flipper for her pending the outcome of a veterinary assessment," Kevin told The Kerryman this week.

Kevin believes Sally was attacked by a shark a number of months ago - an attack that also resulted in the loss of use of an eye - and she drifted since. "I don't know how she even survived the cold of the waters as turtles need the warmth of their usual waters from Miami to the Canaries," he explained from Oceanworld where Sally is now receiving lots of TLC.