Presentation introduces new enrollment policy for students

Simon Brouder

IN order to stop the situation where parents were forced to queue overnight to secure a place for their children at Tralee's Presentation Secondary School a new enrollment policy has been introduced which allows parents to seek places for their children by submitting a written application form.

While children with older siblings in the girls' school are automatically entitled to a place, others have to apply for a place on a first come first served basis.

Previously parents could only enroll in person and on a specific day. In recent years this policy led to a situation where parents, desperate to secure a place for their child in the highly respected school, queued overnight and even slept in the school hall in order to make sure they secured a place.

School management did everything in their power to make sure parents queuing overnight were as comfortable as possible and now they've taken steps to make sure no one need queue at all.

While places will still be allocated on a first come first served basis, applications can now be made in writing and parents hoping to enroll their children for September 2014 have until November 9 next to submit an application.

Once the deadline passes places will be allocated to the girls whose applications were received first with any remaining places allocated by lottery. Another lottery will allocate places to prospective students placed on a waiting list.

Parents of girls wishing to apply for places in first year next September are invited to visit the school on any one of three open days, which take place on Wednesday November 6, Thursday November 7 and Friday November 8. Staff will be available to bring prospective parents and students on tours of the school at 2.30pm and 3pm each day.