Popes' relics welcomed to new home

Pope John XXIII relic.
Pope John XXIII relic.
Sr. Faustyna Kowalska relic.
Prior of Holy Cross Dominican Friary, Tralee, Fr. Joe Bulman OP. celebrating a special Mass on Sunday to coincide with the Canonisation cermony in Rome of the two new Saints, Pope John Paul 11, and Pope John XX111, both of whose relics were given to Tralee Friary permanently and also a relic of Sr. Faustina.

Simon Brouder

ON the same day Pope John Paul II and John XXIII were canonised in Rome, a priceless relic of the two pontiffs were welcomed to their new home in Tralee's Dominican Church.

The blessed relics, drops of two popes' blood, were formally installed at The Dominican Church at Day Place during a special ceremony on Sunday that was timed to coincide with the ceremony in St Peter's Square that saw the two popes named as saints.

A third relic, containing the blood of Saint Faustina of Poland, was also installed in the church during the ceremony, which was presided over by Dominican Prior Fr Joe Bulman.

The installation of the third relic on Sunday was also particularly apt as it fell on the Feast of the Divine Mercy, a devotion made popular by Saint Faustina.

Many hundreds of worshipers packed the church to bear witness to what was a truly historic day for both the church and the diocese.

The Tralee church is the only church in Ireland to hold relics of the three saints which were brought to Kerry from Rome and Poland. The relics of Pope John Paul II and St Faustina came from Krakow while the relic of Pope John XXIII came from the Vatican City itself.

Fr Bulman said it was a great honour for the church to have the three relics adding that he felt the relic of Pope John XXIII would be particularly popular with older Catholics in the local community.


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