'Paraded around court like a jackass'

A North Kerry man who a judge criticised for 'parading around the courtroom like a jackass' has clocked up his 46th conviction, with his solicitor describing him as a nuisance to gardaí.

Robert Elston of Croagh, Lisselton was reprimanded by Judge James O'Connor at Thursday's sitting of Listowel District Court after he was seen wandering around the court during proceedings talking to other members of the public.

Mr Elston was charged with being intoxicated in a public place following his arrest at Ballygologue Road, Listowel, on November 13 last, with his solicitor Maurice O'Sullivan describing the incident as 'his usual behaviour'.

During proceedings Judge O'Connor called Mr Elston to the top of the court where he accused him of 'parading around like a jackass'. When asked by the judge if he was already drunk when his case was called (at 12.40pm), Mr Elston said 'not really,' although he did admit he had already had a drink.

His solicitor said that Mr Elston has 'no control' when he has drink on board and said he is a nuisance to gardaí. Judge O'Connor interjected saying he was a nuisance to more than just gardaí

The court heard that Mr Elston's latest arrest came at 9.40pm on the night in question, when he was intoxicated on the street and was arrested for his own safety.

He was convicted of the offence and fined €125.