Over 40 days seizure-free for Kilflynn's Tina

16-year-old Tina enjoying a new lease of life on medicinal cannabis

16-year-old Tina McElligott, pictured with her mother Mags, is 40 days seizure-free
16-year-old Tina McElligott, pictured with her mother Mags, is 40 days seizure-free

Fergus Dennehy

Kilfynn's Tina McElligott, who suffers from Alpers Disease and who previously suffered from four to six debilitating seizures a day, is celebrating over 40 days seizure free this week while in Spain.

Tina's mother Margaret (Mags) captured the attention of the county in recent months for her fight to secure the use of medicinal cannabis oil for her daughter, a fight which they eventually lost, forcing Mags to travel with Tina to Barcelona to receive treatment.

This treatment, which requires Tina taking just two doses of cannabis oil every day, has seen Tina recover dramatically in recent months, something which Mags says is an "amazing gift".

"You have no idea how amazing we all feel right now. It's like our prayers have been answered. The transformation in Tina is astounding, she is just amazing. Her memory is better, she's happier in herself, she's not sleeping during the day as much - all is going very good," said Mags, talking to The Kerryman on Monday.

"She's only 11 weeks on the oil now, we're still slowly weaning her off her tablets as well. Hopefully the oil can help with her Alpers Disease as well, we don't know yet but we'll keep going and hoping and fighting like always," she continued.

"It is always tough going over and back to Spain as Tina does miss her Dad and her family every day and so when we do get the chance to come home, it's always great.

"I am so glad that we were able to secure treatment in Spain and I just hope that it can come to Ireland soon, not just for Tina, but for all those who still need it there. It's so sad that we are letting people suffer and die. We need to stand up and fight," she finished.