Over 20 new jobs at Dairymaster

Marisa Reidy

KERRY'S leading dairy equipment manufacturer, Dairymaster, is to create over 20 new positions at its headquarters in Causeway in the coming months. The jobs will be spread across the company's engineering, manufacturing, marketing, research and development and veterinary science operations.

This is the fourth time Dairymaster has conducted an end-of-year recruitment campaign and each year it has proved successful in attracting high quality people to their operations. The timing of the campaign is quite deliberate, Dairymaster CEO Edmond Harty explained.

"With so many people home for the holidays, we think this is a great opportunity for them to learn of roles that match their skills available for them here in Ireland," he said.

To support its engineering and manufacturing operations, Dairymaster is planning to hire design engineers, quality and LEAN engineers, building design engineers, materials engineers and also some dairy technical support engineers.

On the customer relations and marketing front, they are hiring international sales and marketing executives with Japanese and Russian language skills, a marketing executive to operate in the UK, sales support executives, web developers and marketing technologists, as well as technical communications engineers who will focus on producing manuals for the company's farming customers.

For its research and development operations, Dairymaster is seeking milk cooling product specialists, data scientists, animal computing scientists and a veterinarian.

"Just the list and breadth of the roles we are seeking to fill will give you an idea of the range of work we undertake," Mr Harty said. "Our national and international reputation means that we are always looking for the world class performers. We're recruiting the cream for the best in dairy."

Founded in 1968, Dairymaster has carved out a global reputation for providing hi-tech solutions for farming, and in particular, dairying challenges. That has resulted in Dairymaster having a 70 per cent market share of new and milking parlour upgrade installations and exporting its products to over 40 countries.


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