Over €14m in property tax in Kerry

Revenue have issued new figures detailing property tax payments

Simon Brouder

Property owners in Kerry paid out over €14 million in property tax to the tax-man last year according to new figures published by Revenue.

According to the figures - included in Revenues annual review for 2017 - a total of €14.2 million was paid in Kerry in respect of approximately 69,000 individual properties.

Revenue said that there was a compliance rate of 97.3 per cent in Kerry and that 1,700 property owners had been granted property tax exemptions.

Such exemptions can be granted in a range of cases including to charities and public bodies; to people living in unfinished 'ghost estates'; and to people who bought new or previously unused homes after January 1, 2013.

In addition to the exemptions Revenue also allowed roughly 1,800 property owners to defer their payments.

This is usually allowed in cases of financial hardship or where the property involved is being managed by the representatives of a deceased owner.

An interesting aspect of the Revenue figures is the breakdown of Kerry payments in terms of the tax bands for each property.

The vast majority - 64 per cent - of property owners liable for the tax declared that their properties were worth less than €150,000.

It is also interesting to note that according to Revenue almost 29 per cent of properties in Kerry have been moved into a band one step lower than the rate at which they were initially submitted to Revenue back in 2013. By contrast just nine per cent of Kerry properties moved up a band.

Today (Wednesday) is the deadline for those who want to pay this year's property tax bill by credit or debit card, or by cheque.

People who decide to pay the tax in full by annual debit authority have to notify Revenue by close of business today, Wednesday, that they intend to use this payment method. The payment will then be deducted on March 21 next.