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Other Voices to return live for its 20th anniversary



Other Voices will return this year to celebrate its 20th anniversary with a selection of the best of music, conversations, and recordings for what has become one of Ireland’s most popular TV music shows.

The show, which first recorded music from St. James’s church in 2001, has grown to become an internationally recognised brand and an important platform for emerging Irish musical talent.

Developed by Ventry residents Philip King and Nuala O’Connor with their partner Tina O’Reilly, Other Voices provides a platform for new music and thought presented in an intimate setting and, from the outset, they have used cutting edge technology to bring this cosy Dingle atmosphere to an international audience.

They have a consistent team, including Ventry based designer Caroline O’Connor who is responsible for all of the sets that have formed the backdrop for Other Voices gigs at home in Dingle and further afield in such places as Derry, Berlin and Austin Texas. Credit is also due to the team behind the scenes for their ability to spot new talent, as well as their professionalism and attention to detail which has won international recognition for the show that still has its spiritual home in St. James’s Church.

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This November they will return to St. James’s to celebrate 20 years of a bright idea, whose future sometimes looked uncertain but was never abandoned by the team behind the show. Other Voices is now passing on to the next generation - Molly, Juno and Ellen King - who are set to take up the reins from their parents.

Other Voices will take place from November 25 - 28. Due to the pandemic, audience numbers in venues will be restricted and tickets will be allocated by draw through local and social media.