One Direction cut out of Listowel gig

Marisa Reidy

IT had the makings of the biggest story to hit Kerry in quite some time!

World renowned boy band One Direction in Listowel - and the public being given a chance to get up close and personal with their idols and even have their picture taken.

It was the thing of dreams - and nothing more than dreams - as a Listowel night club showed exactly how important it is is to read the small print. What the small print on a poster advertising the event said was that fans were not actually about to meet the stars in the flesh - just cardboard cutouts of the hunky fivesome.

While there were apparently a few local children who got highly excited at the prospect of the world' s biggest boyband arriving at The Mermaids Niteclub on Sunday night, most in town appreciated the clever promotion for what it was - and even showed up to have their picture taken with the life-size cutouts.

The Listowel night club had advertised One Direction's 'appearance' via their Facebook page and posters around town, boldly declaring: 'The Mermaids Presents One Direction', along with a picture of the band members. Underneath it encouraged punters to 'come meet the boys' with the all important asterick beside the word 'boys.' Enticing the female fans even more - with a clever play on their own song - promoters suggested that 'One way or another, you could be taking one home with you.'

However, the footnote at the bottom of the poster revealed: 'One Direction not actually appearing. Cardboard Cut outs only,'

The clever advertising worked and dozens turned up to get their picture snapped with the cardboard idols - a bizarre reflection of just how popular the chart topping bandmates are in north Kerry.

"It was the talk of the town for days but, to be fair, most people knew that One Direction weren't actually coming to Listowel. Now that would have been some story," one punter told The Kerryman.


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