Numbers add up as triplets reach 12 on 12.12.12


Credit: Photo by Michelle Ghee
Credit: Photo by Michelle Ghee
Credit: Photo by Michelle Ghee


IT'S a rare combination of numbers: 12 years old on 12/12/'12!

And when you have two other siblings to celebrate the event with it's inordinately more amazing.

For this is the birthday triplets Jack, Diarmuid and Micheál Cahill celebrate on Wednesday with Knocknagoshel dad John and Moyvane native mom Brenda at their home in Mullingar.

And to think the milestone might have passed them by quietly, but for help from home. "We didn't realise the significance of it until Seamus Roche texted me to say Moyvane would have to have a big celebration!" said Brenda . THERE'S an extraordinary set of numbers involved in the birthday of triplet brothers who turn 12 this Wednesday, 12.12.12.

Jack, Diarmuid and Micheál Cahill - whose mom Brenda comes from Moyvane and dad John from Knocknagoshel - are making world history this week as they celebrate a birthday that is in every aspect extraordinary.

The number of statistics this event defies is dizzying. Not only will they celebrate their birthday on a threefold date that won't happen again for nearly 100 years, but their age chimes perfectly with it and they just happen to be triplets! Now living in Mullingar, the three brothers are taking it all in their stride while being quietly chuffed as the significance of their big day sets in among their school friends. "We didn't really realise the significance of it ourselves until Seamus Roche in Moyvane texted me some months back to say Moyvane would have to have a big celebration," mom Brenda laughed.

Brenda - who comes from Brosnan's Bar in the heart of the village - says the excitement at home is every bit as much as in Mullingar. Four grandparents in Kerry are proudly smiling on - Mary and Tom Cahill in Knocknagoshel and Jerry and Nodie Brosnan in Moyvane. "The boys are very excited and we're throwing a big birthday party for them and they're also looking forward to coming home for a week on St Stephen's Day. They have a very strong Kerry identity of course, especially when it comes to the football!"

Unlike the mirror-image birthday numbers, Jack, Diarmuid and Micheál are completely different. "They're not identical, they're not the same height and their personalities couldn't be more different!"

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