No real damage done by storms

HIGH winds failed to do as much damage as was initially feared over the stormy conditions of the week.

Meanwhile, Christmas 2012 was much more in keeping with the traditional Kerry weather of the period in that it was mild and damp.

High temperatures of 14 degrees Celsius were recorded in at least one official Met Eireann station in Kerry - marking a differential of over 20 degrees Celsius from Christmas of 2012 when parts of the county recorded temperatures as low as minus 15.

"The storms weren't as bad as forecasted and appear not to have done too much damage around the county," Don Nolan of Liscahane Nursery in Ardfert - who keeps an official Met Eireann station - said.

"It has been a very mild Christmas and New Year period overall, we recorded a high of 14 degrees ten days ago which is in stark contrast to the low of minus 11.8 degrees we recorded in Christmas of 2010. This Christmas has been much more in keeping with the weather we usually get this time of year," he said.

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